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To date an article note that each volume number refers to a publication year. 1=1967, 2=1968, 3=1969 and so on to 32=1998 then 33=2000, 34=2001, 35=2004, 36=2005 and 37=2006.  It was not published in 1999, 2002 and 2003.


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 VolumePageType of RecordAuthorTitleSubject
440Archive Teaching Unit Coals from Newcastle 
440Archive Teaching Unit Railways in the Making 
440Archive Teaching Unit Popular Education 1700-1870 
2827-41ArticleChase, M.Dangerous People: The Teesside Irish in the 19th Centuryirish, Teesside
2842-53ArticleWatson, D.Champion Peds: Road Running on Victorian Tynesidecycling, leisure
12-4ArticleAllen, EdwardA New Society 
14-6ArticleSaville, J.The Present Position and Prospects of Labour History (Summary)labour history
16-8ArticlePeacock, R.J.The Revolt of the Field in East Anglia 1872-4 (Summary)agricultural trade unions, unrest
18-10ArticleGarside, W.R.On Writing Trade Union History with Special Reference to the Durham Miners Association (Summary)labour history
110-12ArticleHunt, C.J.The Lead Miners of the Northern Pennines leadminers
113-14obit.Chaplin, S.A Tribute to Sam Watson 
115-16ArticleRowe. D.J.Local records for Labour Historylabour history
117-18ArticleClarke, J.F.Papers of Robert Allen (1883-1966) Tyneside Engineerengineers
119-20sourcesRowe. D.J.The Keelmen: Sources 
121-23sourcesClarke, J.F.The Shipwrights Papers 
223ArticleClarke, J.F.The Tyneside Conciliation Board 1875conciliation
227ArticlePotts, A.MacDonald-Ritson LetterLabour Party
23-7ArticleClarke, J.F.Labour in Shipbuilding on the North East Coast 1850-1900 
27-8Article summaryPollard, SThe Trade Unions and the Crisis of the Early 1930s 
210-12ReviewRowe. D.J.Tape Recordings, on 
213-17ArticleHunt, C.J.A Brief List of Sources for the Study of the Labour History of the Lead Mining Industry in the Northern Pennineslead mining
218-22ArticleGarside, W.R.Labour Problems in the Durham Coalfield: A critical Bibliography 
229-32ArticleCampbell, J.The Northumbrian Agricultural Laboureragricultural labour
232-40sourcesClarke, J.F.Documents Illustrative of Labour In Agricultureagricultural labour
232-40sourcesRowe. D.J.Documents Illustrative of Labour in Agricultureagricultural labour
36Article summaryHanson, C.G.The Royal Commission on Trade Unionstrade union law
327Article sourcesPotts, A.The Papers of Henry Havelock Robson (1858-1929), Durham Colliery Enginemancoal miners
33-5Article summaryAllen, EdwardThe Regional Problem in Retrospectregional issues,North East
37-8Article summaryMoore, R.Methodism and the Working Classes in Durham 
310-16ArticleMaehl, W.H.Chartism in North Eastern England: Bibliography for North Eastern Chartism 
317-20sourcesGard, RobinLabour History of the Railways in Durham and Northumberland to 1900: an Introduction to Sources and Bibliography 
324-26sourcesMacDermott, T.P.National Labour Federation, Second Quarterly Report: July to September 1887 
324-26sourcesMcDermott, T.P.National Labour Federation: 2nd Quarterly Report: July to September 1887 
334-38bibliographyMason, A.The General Strike in the North East: A Bibliographical SketchGeneral Strike
339-41bibliographyGrace, R.P.Publications by Working Party Organisations in the North East During the General Strike General Strike
439Book Review Forster, EricThe Death Pit (Potts, A)coal miners
439Book ReviewMoyes, WilliamMostly Mining (Potts, A)coal miners
440Book ReviewHunt, C JThe Lead Miners of the Northern Pennines in the 18th and 19th Centuries (Bythell, D)lead mining
44-9ArticleFoster, JohnSouth Shields Labour Movement in the 1880s and 1840s 
49-12ArticleLindsay, P.W.F.D. Maurice (1805-1872) - A Short Bibliographical Study 
412ArticleMcCord, N. The Introduction of the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act on Tynesidepoor law
440sourceArchive Teaching UnitThe TyneRiver Tyne
413-15ArticleMawson, PamelaPoor Law Administration in South Shieldspoor law
415-16ArticleGrace, R.P.The Hendon and Pwlheli Unions 1835-1871poor law
417-19ArticleMason, A.The General Strike on TynesideGeneral Strike
419-22ArticleLeonard J.W.The North Eastern Daily Gazette and the General Strike General Strike
425-32ArticleAdamson, J.A Comment by James Stephenson of WinlatonGeneral Strike
433-38sourceClarke, J.F.The Notebook of an Engineering Craftsman: H. Gardner 1881 -1993engineers, strikes
439Book ReviewAllen, EThe Durham Miners Association 1860 to 1967: A Commemoration (Potts, A)coal miners, DMA
442SourceClarke, J.F.Genuinely Seeking Workunemployment, thirties
531ArticleMellor, HelenWomen and Society in the Late 19th Century and Early 20th Centurywomen, women workers, Teesside, 1920s
51-6ArticleHarris, K.G.Joseph Cowen: The Northern Tribune 
51-6bibliographyHarris, K.G.Cowens Early Years: A Select BiographyNorthern Tribune, newspapers, radicalism
57-9Article summaryMcCord, N. The Nine Hours Strike of 1871 in North East Englandengineers, strikes
67-8Conference ReportPhillips, GLabour and the First World Warlabour in war-time, Wwi
59-12ArticlePallister, R.Schools for Working Class Children in County Durham in the 19th Century 
512-15ArticleThew, J.The Gateshead School Board (Summary) 
516-28oral historyRippeth, MrsMemories of a Domestic Servant in the First World War (Rowlands, Barbara int.)women, domestic service, WWI
517-22ArticleGard, RobinThe Northumberland Pitmen18/04/2005 Observations on an Exhibition of Original Records on Coalmining History in Northumberland with Notes on Manuscript Sources for the Study of Labour Relations in the Coal Industry Deposited in the Northumberland Records O 
529-31ArticleDuffy, MaryDomestic Service in the Early 1920swomen, domestic service, 1920s
532-35sourcesHarris, K.G.Material in Local Libraries: Newcastle Upon Tyne Polytechnic 
535-37ArticlePotts, A.Skilled Timeworkers Rates in the Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing Industries Since 1913ship building, ship repair
538-39Book ReviewMason, A.The General Strike in the North East (Bythell, D)General Strike
539-40Book ReviewSmith, T DanDan Smith: An Autobiography (Allen, E)Labour Party, local government, radiclaism
541-42Book ReviewMilne, MauriceNewspapers of Northumberland and Durham (Stigant,P)Newspapers, radicalism
61-6ArticleWillcox, T.Socialist Mythology and the Paris Commune 
68-11ArticleHeesom, P.A.J.The Third Marquess of Londonderry as an Employercoal mining, employers
611-13Article summaryPotts, A.The North Eastern Ironmasters iron, employers
614-16ArticleChallinor, R.Gun Running from the North East CoastSDF, gun-running
622-23Book ReviewGarside, RThe Durham Miners (Allen, E)coal miners, DMA
624-25Book ReviewMcCord, N, Rowe, D. J. and Clarke, J.F.The North East Engineers Strikes of 1871 (Bythell, D)engineers, strikes
625-26Book ReviewMcCord, N., and Rowe, D.J.Northumberland and Durham industry in the Nineteenth Century (Clarke, J.F.)industry
743Book ReviewCowen, NedOf Mining Life and All Its Ways (Allen, E)miners
71-4Article summaryPurdue, W.Arthur Henderson, a Liberal Labour Politician Labour Party, local government, radicalism
71-6ArticleJones, S.The Tyneside Sailors Movement in 1951seamen,mariners, NUS
78-12ArticleMcMurray, CampbellSome Notes and Conversations with Aged Marinersseamen,mariners, NUS
711-14Article summarySmith, H.J.The Public Health Movement in the mid-19th Century public health
714-16Article summaryManders, F.M.Housing and Public Health in the Mid-Nineteenth Centurypublic health
717-32ArticleClarke, J.F.The Wear Shipwrights and the Arbitration Court of 1853-4shipwrights
745-46Book ReviewDouglas,DavePit Life in County Durham: Rank and File Movements and Workers Control (Allen, E)coal miners, radicalism
746-49Book ReviewClarke, J.F. and MacDermott, T.,Newcastle and District trades Council: A History. (Challinor, R)trades council. Trades unions
744Book ReviewChaplin, SidA Tree with Rosy Apples ( Allen,E)durham coalfield, coal miners
81-3Article summaryCampbell W.A.Workers in the Old Tyneside Chemical Tradechemical industry
83-5Article summaryWilson, A.Consett: The development of a Model Company Town 1840-1900 iron workers,iron employers
85-7Article summaryLeonard, J.Lady Bell and Edwardian Middlesbroughiron workers,iron employers
87-9ArticleGibb, MargaretDevelopment of the Labour Party in the North EastLabour Party,women
815-19Article summaryCallcott, M.Parliamentary Elections in County Durham Between the Wars: the Making of a Labour Stronghold Labour Party
820-29sourcesHiskey, ChristineSources for Labour History in the Durham Record officeLabour P
825-26Book ReviewMcCord, N and Rowe, D.J.Northumberland and Durham: Industry in the 19th Centuryindustry
830-45ArticleRowe. D.J.Tyneside Chartistschartism
846-53ArticleRowe. D.J.Labour History: Quo Vadis?labour history
854-65Book ReviewMortimer, JimHistory of the Boilermakers Society 1834-1906 (Clarke,J)ship building, ship repair
865-69Book ReviewPotts, A.The Moving Staircase: Sunderland 1939-1972  
957Book ReviewDavison,JNorthumberland Miners History (Challinor, R)coal miners, mining trade unions, Northumberpand mines
959sourcesPotts, A and Clarke, J.F.Archive Teaching Units, No 9: Trade Unions 1795-1914 (D. Blythell) trade unions
94-9ArticleClarke, J.F.The General Strike on TynesideGeneral Strike
99-18ArticleKnott, JLibraries for the Working Classes in 19th Century Englandeducation
920-23ArticleClarke, J.F.The Foreman - A Neglected Figure in the History of Industrial Relationsforemen,industrial relations
939-42oral historyParks, JackMemories of a Militant (Challinor, r, int.)General Strike, Wwi, socialism, coal mining
943-56ArticleCroucher, RichardThe North East Engineers Strike of 1908 
960-62Book ReviewMoore, RobertPitmen, Preachers and Politics: Religion and the Durham Miners. (Allen, E)religion, methodism, Labour Party)
957-58Book Review Banner Parade: The Old Banners of the Durham Miners (Challinor, R)coal miners
957-58Book ReviewCoates, Ken (Ed.)Democracy in the Mines. (Challinor,R)coal miners, democracy
1021-24ArticleGreen, HoraceNewcastle:the Other SideGeneral Strike
102-11ArticleMorris, R.W.The General Strike General Strike
1012-13ArticleMuckle, WilliamCramlingtonGeneral Strike
1014-21ArticleCarr, W.Memories of the General StrikeGeneral Strike
1024-26ArticlePickard, ConnieChopwell - Little MoscowGeneral Strike
1027-33obit.Smith, R.Sir William Lawther, 1889-1978 
1034-41Book ReviewDougan, DavidThe Shipwrights (Clarke, J.F.) 
1041-43Book ReviewMarch, GerardFlames Across the Tyne Firefighters
1043-44Book ReviewAllen, E.Stand True: NCMA-NUM 1875-1975  
1034Book ReviewCadogan, PEarly Radical Newcastle (Challinor, R)radicalism, 18th Century radicalism
111-12ArticlePurdue, BillIsaac Mitchell and the Progressive Alliance 1903-1906 
1113-27ArticleCallcott, M.Sidney Webb, Ramsey MacDonald, Emmanual Shinwell and the Durham Constituency of SeahamWebb, fabianism, Labour Party
1118-19ArticleDougan, DavidThe Shipwrights: the History of the Ship Construction and Shipwrights Association 1882-1963shipwrights, ship building
1128-46ArticlePotts, A.Bevin to Beat the Bankers: Ernest Bevins Gateshead Campaign of 1931Labour Party,thirties
1147-59ArticleCallcott, M.The Organisation of Political Support for Labour in the North of England: The Work of Margaret Gibb 1929-1957Labour Party
1160-61Book ReviewDougan, DavidJarrow March . (Clarke, J.F.)Jarrow, Jarrow March
1160-61Book ReviewRea, VincentPalmers Yard and the Town of Jarrow (Clarke, J.F.)Jarrow, Jarrow March
121-20ArticleMcNiven, ColinAshington: The Growth of a Company Mining Towncoal mining, employers
1221-34ArticleWade, E.The Putter of the Northumberland and Durham Coalfieldputters, mine workers
1235-39ArticleAyris, I.M. and Vickerman, D.The Northumberland Mining Records Surveycoal mining
1243-46Book ReviewChallinor, R.The Origins of British Bolshevism. (Callcott, M)boshevism, Communist Party
1243-46Book ReviewPimlott, BenLabour and the Left in the 1930s (Callcott, M)Labour Party, thirties
1246-48Book ReviewWallsend Arts CentreWhere the Wall Ends: Recollections of a Tyneside Town . (Clarke, J.F.)Wallsend
1248-49Book ReviewWarn, C.R.Railways of the Northumberland Coalfield. ( McDermott, T)railways
1248-50Book ReviewChallinor, R.John S. Clarke, Parliamentarian, Poet and Liontamer (Grace, Ray)Labour Party, socialism
1248-49Book ReviewWarn, C.R.Wagonways and Early Railways of Northumberland 1605-1840railways
1313Book ReviewMorris, A.J.C. P. Trevelyan 1870-1958: Portyrait of a Radical. (Potts, A)radicalism, Labour Party
131-23ArticleMcHarry, FionaPoaching and Property Rights on Alston Moorpoaching
1324-27ArticleRodger, R.G.Unionisation and the Building Trades: North East England 1875-1894trade unions, strikes, building trades
1328-29Book ReviewCallcott, M., ed.Essays in Tyneside Labour History (Martin, D.E.) 
1329-31Book ReviewMacDougall, IanEssays in Scottish Labour History. (Challinor, R.)  
1331-32Book ReviewMessenger, BettyPicking Up the Linen Threads. (Bythell, D)linen trades
1334-35Book ReviewTurnbull, LesChopwells Story. (McNiven, C)General Strike
1335-36Book ReviewHodges, AdelineUp the Ladder coal miners
141ArticleFranklin, R.A.Thomas Spence: The Poor Mans Advocateradicalism,18th Century radicalism, communism
1419ArticleClarke, J.F.Labour in World War One: Some Experiences in Engineering and Shipbuilding on the North East Coast 1914-1918 
1472Book ReviewMcLelland, K.Benwell Community Project: The Making of Ruling Class. Two Centuries of Capital Development on Tyneside  
1474Book ReviewMcNair, JohnSpanish Diary (Challinor, R)Spanish Civil War
1476Book ReviewPurdon, GavinThe Sacriston Mine Disaster. (Hunter, Iain)mining disaster
153-47ArticleNaylor, B.Ramsay MacDonald and Seaham Labour PoliticsLabour Party
1548-54ArticleChallinor, R.Robert Owen and the Early Socialists in the North EastOwenism, radicalism
1555-58obit.Jones, E.R.Connie the Rebel: Connie Lewcock (1894-1980)women, womens suffrage, Labour Party.
1558-60obit.Potts, A.Mr. Metro:Rowland Scott-Batey (1913-1980)Labour Party, transport policy
161ArticleGregson, K.Songs of Tyneside Boat Racingboat racing, Harry Clasper.
166ArticleHunter, I.Tyneside and the Reform Act of 1832reform, Reform Act 1832, radicalism
1613ArticleWilson, K.Chartism in Sunderlandradicalsim, chartism,chartists
1619ArticleKlottrup, A.Samuel Smiles, Self-Help and the Stephenson Centenaryself-help
1626ArticleChallinor, R.The German Doctor and His ContradictionsMarx, Joseph Cowen, radicalism
1634ArticleChallinor, R.Chartism and Co-operation in the North EastOwen, owenism, radicalism, socialism
1640Article summaryHostetler, E.Women Farm Workers in 18th and 19th Century Northumberland women workers, agricultural workers
1643Article summaryMacDermott, T.P.The Irish in 19th Century Tynesideirish
1647Book ReviewVernon, BettyFrom Militant to Minister: Ellen Wilkinson (Reid, T.W.)Jarrow, Jarrow March, Labour Party
1651Book ReviewCallaghan, ThomasA long way to the pawnshoppoverty, thirties,Newcastle
1653Book ReviewMuckle, WilliamThe Cramlington Derailment: No Regrets. (Sturgess, R)General Strike,rail derailment
1654Book ReviewWallsend Arts CentreWallsend Memories: Where the Wall Ends: Recollections of a Tyneside Town Wallsend
1655Book ReviewIsabel BrownIsabel Brown: Red Roses for Isabel. (Challinor, R.)Communist Party, women
171-5ArticleGrant, R.The Cartridge Mystery of 1907gun running, SDF
176-10ArticleChallinor R.Jimmy Stewart and his Revolting Children WWI, socialism, communism, childrens strike
1711-14ArticleGregson, K.Songs of Horse Racing on Tynesidehorse racing,leisure
1715-20ArticleMilburn, A.The 1790s and Radicalism in North East Englandradicalism, French Revolution, jacobinsim
1721-24ArticleWalker, G.George Harvey and Industrial Unionismsyndicalism, commuism, coial miners, DMF
1725-34ArticleWilson, K.Sunderland and the 1832 Reform Billreform, Reform Act 1832, radicalism
1735-39ArticleCallcott, M.Labour Women in North East EnglandLabour Party, women
1740-42ArticleGibb, M.Memories from the Past No. 1: the First Durham Womens Labour Galawomen, Labour Party, Durham Miners Gala
1742Book ReviewHolbrook-Jones, M The World of Work. (Wilson, K)labour process
1743-44ArticleThe Strong Words CollectiveHello, are you Working?unemployment, Unemployed Workers Movement
181-7ArticleGregson, K.Tyneside Comedians:Ned Corvancomedians,music hall
188-10ArticleGing, J.Tyneside Comedians:Billy Purviscomedians,music hall
1811-16ArticleWilson, K.Owenite Socialism in Darlingtonowenism,socialism,radicalism
1816-19obit.,appreciationNeville, D.Barney Markson: An Old Socialist Pioneer 
1820-23Oral HistoryBrown.T,Edmondson,L and Hardy,GThe Struggle Against Fascism in the Thirties: Recollections of Tom Brown, Len Edmondson and george Hardyanti-fascism,thirties,CP
1824-28Article and SourceChallinor, R.Dear Dr. Marx: The Letters of Joseph Cowen to Karl Marxmarxism, radicalism
1834-40ArticleFreeland, A (Tr.)Letters of a Portuguese Consul, 1877-79radicalism,1870s
1840-47ArticleTurner, A.A Spot of Bother: Civil Disorder in the North East Between the Warstwenties, General Strike, law
1853-54ObituaryCallcott, M.Margaret Gibb 1892-1984 Labour Party, women
1848-49Book ReviewPickard, T.Jarrow March (John Rowland)Jarrow,Jarrow March
1849-50Book ReviewMcLean, I.The Legend of Red Clydeside (Ray Challinor)Clydeside, CP
1850-51Book ReviewGammage, R.Reminiscences of a Chartist (Ray Challinor)chartism, radicalism
1851Book ReviewBornstein, R. and Richardson, A.Two Steps Back: Communists and the Wider Labour Movement 1935-1945 (Ian Hunter)CP, miners
1851-52Book ReviewGregson, K.Corvan: A Victorian Entertainer and His Songs (Vin Arthur) comedian, music hall
193-9ArticleChase, M.Deadly Effluvia and Atheistical Glare: Republicans in Early 19th Century Clevelandrepublicanism, Teesside
199-16ArticleScott, S.The Northern Tribune:A North East Radical Magazinerepublicanism, radicalism,newspapers
1917-29ArticleRees, BryanThe Lost Years: Northumberland Miners, 1844-1862coal miners, Northumberland
1930-36ArticlePearce, KitMining Disasters: The Heaton Main Colliery Disaster 1815colliery disasters, mining disasters
1930-36ArticlePearce, KitPit Deaths in Stanley 1909colliery disasters, mining disasters
1937-39ArticleDent, MarkMilitary Intervention in Mining Disputes, 1921-1926law, military intervention, disputes, strikes, General Strike
1940-42ArticleCallcott, M.1926-Women Support the Minerswomen, General Strike
1943-45ArticlePotts, A.The Other Victory, Sunderland, July 19451945 General Election, elections
1946-49Articled'Eca de Oueiros, Jose MariaLetters of a Portuguese Consul, 1877-1879radicalism,1870s
1950-51Book ReviewBeynon Huw, Ed (MC)Digging deeper: Issues in the Miners Strike. (Wilson, K)coal miners, 1984-85 miners strike, strikes, disputes
1951Book ReviewPimlott, B. (MC))Hugh Dalton. (Callcott, M.)Labour Party,Bishop Auckland
1951-52Book ReviewBoos, F. (Ed.) William Morriss Socialist Diary. (Challinor, R.)soocialism, Morris
201-8ArticleNeville, D.Gan On Hinnies, I Like ye Fine: Suffragettes in the North Eastsuffrage, womens suffrage, women
209-13ArticleCallcott, M.Dr. Marion Phillips, Labour MP, Sunderlandwomen, Labour Party
2014-29ArticlePrice, K.What Did You Do in the War, Mam? Women Steelworkers at the Consett Iron Company During the Second World War 
2030-35ArticleSturgess, R.Social Mobility of North East Pitmen in the Nineteenth Centurycoal miners,social mobility
2036-38Article summaryChallinor, R.W. P. Roberts: The Miners Attorneylaw, chartism, radicalism
2039-40Book ReviewTodd, NigelRoses and Revolutions: The Story of the Clousden Hill Free Communist and Co-operative Colony. (Ray Challinor)communes
2040-41Book ReviewKisch, R. The Days of the Good Soldiers. ((Ian Hunter)WWII,CP
2041-42Book ReviewPugh, M The Tories and the People. (Leon Kitchen) 
2046obit.Potts, ASid Chaplin 1916-1986 
2043Video ReviewDurham Area NUM/Chapter Video Workshop (Keith WilsonThe Big Meeting Centenary year 1983.(Wilson, K)coal miners
213-16ArticleHoward, S.Dawdon in the Third Period: The Dawdon Dispute of 1929 and the Communist Partytwenties, coal miners, CP
2117-27ArticleTodd, N.Black on Tyne: The Black Presence on Tyneside in the 1860sethnic minorities
2128-34ArticleSpence, J.Robert Knight, Lifton House and the Boilermakers SocietyKnights of Labour, iron workers, trade unions
2135-43ArticleChase, M.Thomas Spencecommunism, radicalism, 18th Century radicalism
2144-47ArticleEmery, N.The Ushaw Moor Miners Strike and Evictions 1881-3strikes, disputes, coal miners
2148-50Article summaryHarrison, R.Edward Allen Memorial Lecture: The Legacy of the WebbsWebbs, fabianism,Labour party
2151-52Book ReviewRobinson, C. JAccuse, (Ray Challinor)Jarrow, schools, Labour Party
2152-53Book ReviewSleight, J.Women on the March (Ray Challinor)women, women in politics
2153-54Book ReviewPimlott, B.The Political Diary of Hugh Dalton. (Potts, A)Labour Party, Bishop Auckland, elections
2154Book ReviewThew, L.The Pit Village and the Store: The Portrait of a Mining Past. (Potts, A)co-op store
224-19ArticlePrice, K.Changes on the Kitchen Front: The Case of British Restaurants in World War Twohome front, WWII
2220-27ArticleFlett, K.But the Chartist Principles Did Not Diechartists, chartism, radicalism
2227-29ArticlePierce, K.The Heaton Main Colliery Disastercolliery disasters, mining disasters, coal mining
2229-34ArticleSlatter J. (translator) Observations and Reminiscences of a Petersburg Worker: G.M. Fisher in Newcastle Upon Tyneengineers, communism,
2235-3sourcesPotts, R.Nonconformist Records in the North Eastmethodism,non conformity
2243-45Book ReviewColls, R.The Pitmen of the Northern Coalfield. (Sturgess, R)methodism, coal miners,
2245-50Book ReviewSleight, J.One Way Ticket to Epsomwomen, womens suffrage
2245-50Book ReviewStanley, E, and Morley A. (Dave Neville) The Life and Death of Emily Wilding Davison. (Neville, D)women, womens suffrage
2250-51Book ReviewBamber, G. Militant Managers? Managerial Unionism and Industrial relations. (Keith Wilson)managers
2251sourcesTyne and Wear Archive ServiceWor Lass: Sources for Womens History in the North Eastwomen, womens history
2252-53Book ReviewSid Chaplin :Eds.:Michael and Rene Chaplin (Archie Potts) In Blackberry Time. (Potts, A)novel, fiction
2253Book ReviewGraham, F.The Battle of Jarama 1937: The Story of the British Battalion in Spain. (Callcott, W.R.)Spanish Civil War
2253-54Book ReviewNorthumberland County Library Service (Keith Wilson)A Howky Gan Te Parliament: Thomas Burt (Wilson, K) trades unions,
233-21ArticleWatson, D.In the Head Through the Heart: The Newcastle Left Book Club Theatre Guild 1937-1939CP, Left Book Club, thirties
2322-32ArticleChase, M.The Labour-depreciating System: The 1836 Thornaby Turn Out and Its Backgroundcoal mining,strikes, disputes
2333-42ArticleCharlton, H.A Bevin Boy Remembers-Autobiographycoal mining, WWII,Bevin boy
2343-47Book ReviewSunderland Borough Council (Dennis Norman)Sunderland: River, Town and People: A History from the 1780s to the Present Day. (Dennis, Norman)Sunderland
2347-56Book ReviewRobinson, F. (Ed.): Newcastle Upon Tyne City Libraries (T. Dan Smith)Post Industrial Tyneside. (Smith, T Dan)Tyneside
2357-59Book ReviewWeiner, J.William Lovett. (Hunter, Ian)chartism, chartists, radicalism
2357-59Book ReviewLeventhal, F. M.,Arthur Henderson. (Hunter, Ian)Labour Party, Lib-Labs.
244-11ArticleBarrow, A.The Greenlanders at Shields 1760-1830mariners, seamen, whalers
2412-18ArticlePotts, A.Forty Years On: The Labour Party in Sunderland 1900-1945Labour Party,Sunderland
2419-34ArticleKnox, E.The Body Politic: Bodysnatching: The Anatomy Act and the Poor on Tyneside  
2435-40Oral HistoryPrice, K.The Ropery Women of Sunderland in World War Twowomen, women workers, Sunderland
2441-43Book ReviewPickard, TomWe Make Ships (Colls, Rob)ship yard workers, ship yards
2444-46Book ReviewClasper, DHarry Clasper:Hero of the North. (Taylor, H)rowing, boating,sport, leisure
255-21ArticleWrigley, C.Arthur Henderson: From North East Industrial Conciliation to International Multilateral DisarmamentLabour Party, WWI
2525-50ArticleSearles, M.The Origins of New Unionism on Tyneside trades unionism, New Unionism
2551-60ArticleClarke, J.Workers of a Sunderland Shipyard About 1880ship yard workers, ship yards
2561-64appreciationChallinor, R.John MacNair: A Truly Human Tyneside Socialist 
2565-68Oral HistoryPotts, A.Behind the Blue Maskwrestling
2569-71Book ReviewAshton, O.W.E.Adams: Chartist, Radical and Journalist. (Todd, N)chartism, chartists, newsapers, radicalism
2572-74Book ReviewPotts, AJack Casey: The Sunderland Assassin. (Shipley, Stan)wrestling, sport,leisure
2576-78Book ReviewTodd, N. (Hugman,J)radicalism
264-35ArticleRidley, D.The Spitalfield Demonstration and the Parliamentary Reform Crisis in Newcastle reform, 1832 Reform Act, radicalism
2636-46ArticleTodd, N.His Majestys Chief Constable: Tynesides Chartist Policemanlaw, police, chartism,radicalsim
2647-85ArticleTaylor, A.More Tick Than Big Ben: Working Class Credit on Tyneside between the Warspawn shops, credit,thirties
2687-104ArticleSatre, L.Education and religion in the Shaping of Thomas Burt, Miners LeaderBurt, coal mining,education, religion, non-conformity,elections
26105-11Book ReviewColls, R and Lancaster, W.Geordies Roots of Regionalism. (Howard.S) 
26112-113Book ReviewClark, DWe Do Not Want the Earth: The History of South Shields Labour Party. (Callcott,M)Labour Party
26114-116Book ReviewChallinor, R.A New Harmoney: Robert Owens Visit to Newcastle in 1843 (Maguire)owen, owenism,socialism, radicalism
26114-116Book ReviewPotts, A.From Acorn to Oak: Co-operation on Tyneside 1858-1969co-operation
26114-116Book ReviewHugman, J.From Shopkeeper to Politician: The Formation of the Co-operative Party in the North Eastco-operation, Co-op Party
26117Book ReviewBennison,BThe centenary History of the Newcastle Breweries 1890-1990. (Bond,D) 
271-13ArticlePrice, K.Women of Steel: Health and Safety Issues During World War Two. WWII,women workers, women, steel workers
2714-23ArticleHoward, S.Leisure in the Pit Villages: Meaning and Changelleisure, coal mining
2724-40ArticleMyers, A.Zamyatin in Newcastle 
2741-48ArticleChallinor, R.C.A. Smith: Thinker and Writerdissent
2749-74ArticleAshton, O.W.E. Adams and Working Class Opposition to Empire: 1878-1880: Cyprus and Afghanistananti-imperialism,chartism, newspapers, radiclaism
2775-81ArticleByrne, D.Dangerous Places? A Responseriots
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287-14ArticlePotts, A.Perspectives on T. Dan Smith:  
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2819-26ArticleByrne, D.Perspectives on T. Dan Smith:  
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33104-105Book ReviewFriberg, K.Robert Owen and the Commencement of the Millenium: A Study of the Harmony Communityco-op., co-operation, radicalism, socialism
345-34ArticleDoyle, B.M.Voluntary Hospitals in Edwardian Middlesbrough: A Preliminary Reportpublic health
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354-6Society NotesCharlton, J  
357-53ArticleMcManus, M.From Townland to Township Evolution of a dissipative Famine Irish community in County Durhamirish.immigration
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368-41ArticleWatson, DPolitics and humanitarian aid: Basque refugees in the north east and Cumbria in the Spanish Civil WarSpanish Civil War
3642-49ArticleSpence, JWilliam Parlett:The one who nearly got awaySpanish Civil War
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3690-113ArticleHoward, S.History, Heritage and Region: Beamish and Bowes. A question of class?heritage
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36139-149Oral historyCommon, P and Burke, JInterviews (int. Armstrong, K) 
36150PoemArmstrong, KeithI dreamed of Jack Common 
36151Book ReviewPotts, ASome north east entries in the Dictionary of Natioanl Biography 
36154-156Book ReviewWheeler, GTo Make people smile againSpanish Civil War
36154-156Book ReviewCervas, JSoldiers of SalamisSpanish Civil War
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36157-160Book ReviewPerry, MattMarxism and History. (Thompson, W)marxism, writing history
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36169Book ReviewBogaerts, GBlack Diamonds and Dustnovel, coal mining, Australia
36171-2Sources Northumberland Record Office 
36175Sources Labour History on the Internet 
36176-191Society NotesCharlton, John, et alAt the Back:North East Labour History Notebook 
378-38ArticleMayne, M-TAn experiment in art appreciation: The WEA and the Ashington Art GroupWEA, coal miners, Ashington
3739-67ArticleHedley, MHannah: A woman of the Durham coalfield in the 19th Centurywomen, coal mining,community
3768-88ArticlePorteous, KMapping the human landscape: Knowledge,skills, and stories in Northumberland fishing communitiesfishing, fishermen,community
3789-106ArticleRidley, D.Shoot the damn dogs: The 1734 dispute at Newbottle collierycoal mining, strikes, disputes
37107-123ArticleShaw, KatyRe-Writing defeat:Poetry and the end of the miners strike 1984-85coal mining, strikes, disputes, poetry
37124-139ArticlePipe, EddieIll tell you a story…: growing up in Sunderland in the 1930sthirties, Sunderland
37140-146AppreciationMapplebeck, JohnSid Chaplin 1916-1986 
37147-156ArticleCreaby, JohnCentury of support for the Labour PartyLabour Party, elections
37157-162Oral historyLionel AnwellOur Working Lives. (int. Charlton, JohnWWI,twenties, thirties
37163-170Poetry Poetry Section: Alton, Armstrong, Dodsworth, Porteouspoetry
37171-182Book ReviewPerry, MattThe Jarrow Crusade: Protest and Legend. (Mates, LJarrow, Jarrow March, thirties
37179-182Book ReviewPerry, MattRespnse to Review by Lewis Mates 
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37204Book ReviewArmstrong, K.A Peoples History: The Town of old Hexham 
37205-206Book ReviewBarrow, A.Trafalgar Geordies and The Whaling trade of north east england. (Stokes, W.)mariners, seamen, whalers, navy
37206Book ReviewBeckinsall, S.Northumberland: Shadows of the Past. (Stokes, W.)archeology
37211Book ReviewPotts, AHeadlocks and handbags: Wrestling in the New St James Hall. (Bennison, B.)leisure, wrestling
37212Book ReviewArmstrong, K.,Pattison, K.,Porteous,K.,Soden, R.Imagined corners, Angels playing football and Turning the Tide (Forster, L)poetry
37215-219sourcesCallcott, M., ed.,The Ruth Dodd diaries and papersLabour Party, women
37216-231Society notesCharlton, JohnAt the Back [NELHS Notebook] 
542Book ReviewFynes, RichardThe Miners of Northumberland and Durham reprint (Potts, A)trade unions


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